About the Team

I have owned and trained German Shepherds - White, black and tan, and various GSD crosses - for over 25 years.                             

Since immigrating to New Zealand 8 years ago, I have become more involved with the White Shepherds and now work them in the field, and occasionally breed a litter. The three White Shepherds I own and work at the moment are  Cariad , Moon and Muffin. 3 generations owned and worked in the field within my pest control business, alongside the rest of the team.

As well as being good workers they are also a good companion and family dogs


3 generations at work

Three generations at work Muffin, Moon and Cariad

I have obedience and field work trained Cariad and Moon to work on their own or alongside the other dogs . Muffin the latest white shepherd to join the team was bred by myself from Moon and a Alex a stud dog in the Netherlands.

To work successfully in the field a dog should have a good nose, be agile, versatile, have a willingness to work for you and a good level of obedience. They should also be able to work amongst farm stock with no problems.

When in work with me Cariad and Moon will often run up to 30 kms in a day, accompanying me on my daily rounds. Both of them will jump on the quad bike when they get tired. Moon, being the one who prefers running, will often run the whole day. Cariad is 8yrs old now and slowing down a bit but still has most days out with us

At home they have the ability to switch off and settle into home life and have fun at the end of the day.