Sherman               Suzie               Jaz   

My aim is to develop a good working line of Welsh Springer Spaniels. I am not a show dog person but have no objection to it. I'm hoping that the pups that I breed will go to working homes ,be it in the field, agility, scent work , companion dogs for trampers and outdoors people. If some make to the show ring then happy days.

I have 3 Welsh Springer Spaniels  in team.

 Jaz a castrated Male form show stock , he has turned into a good worker, Jaz joined the team when he was 4 yrs old. He hunts nearly  every day, he has located most game and pests relishing in his rabbit and hare pursuit. Even had him find and flush a pig on occasion. Also a handy dog when out working with the ferrets and nets.

Suzie Creamcheese was imported from Australia from Sylvia Brackman. Chosen because of her working ancestry. She works all day and works hard . Originally trained as a cat detection dog when I worked with DOC. But has since joined the pest control team in our daily pursuit of rabbits , hares andpossums. A good retriever and finder of game.

Sherman the youngest member of the team, bred by Afonderi Kennels. He was chosen to complement Suzie as a potential stud. Calm in nature, a happy energetic dog. He recently joined the team at work and has proven himself to be a good hunter. He loves the water , part fish I think